Linda Sawyer is writing about the murders and trials

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Linda Sawyer is writing a book about the murders of Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi. Linda is a producer, investigative journalist, and writer for Revel Entertainment. She has worked with several networks that include PBS, CBS, ABC, VH1, HBO, and MTV. She has also produced Emmy-winning network specials.

Linda’s credits include producer for ABC documentary, “Hillside Strangler,” Tribune’s “Now It Can Be Told” episode for Aileen Wuornos, the first woman serial killer who was executed, and several other documentaries and specials. Linda has been featured as a book author on Discovery ID’s “Unusual Suspects” and as a court reporter for Ice-T’s “Ice Cold Murder” on the Oxygen network.

Linda’s book project looks like it will feature stories of the personal lives of the victims and their families. Linda has interviewed over 200 people in her research for her book. Many people are looking forward to the release of Linda’s book.

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Linda is mentioned in books about the first female serial killer put to death, Aileen “Lee” Wournos.