Glendele Way-Agle continues to raise ethical issues

Glen on 20/20

Glendele Way-Agle has managed a blog and a fansite for Daniel Wozniak for over five years. She promises that she is writing a book that will tell Wozniak’s story about how he murdered, dismembered, and defiled Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi people for money. Speculation is that Wozniak’s fiancé, Rachel Buffett, was the mastermind for the murders. Glen suggests that she will tell about who else was involved in the murders. She is now promising to finish her book within 18 months because she is such a slow writer.

Glen had a few seconds of “fame” on ABC’s 20/20 during its 2-hour special, The Final Act, for the murders. She has blogged about approaching producers and gave the impression in her blog that she wanted media attention. 20/20 used a few seconds of Glen laughing about Wozniak’s acting ability. Glen has raised ethical issues in her writing that I address with her.

Glen’s blog and Facebook posts have been derogatory against the victims, hurtful to the families, and offensive to many people. I have confronted her about her book project because she presents it in a way that would bring it under the Son of Sam II law in California. She argues that the Son of Sam was repealed in California, however, she did not read that it was rewritten a few months after that repeal. She has tried to downplay what I have said to her because she does not understand most of what I say. I am sharing my latest comments to her to help illustrate the problems I have addressed about her “book project.”

I responded to Glen on Facebook and made references to things she has said and comments I have made to her in the past. She has made allusions to the idea her book will resemble Ann Rule’s Stranger Beside Me. The quoted passages are from her fan blog for Wozniak. My response here is to Glen’s last comment to me on her Facebook page for Daniel Wozniak. Glen said, “Lauren, you’re very passionate about this issue, and I respect that. You simply don’t have all the information you need to make the arguments you’re making.. All I can suggest to you is that, rather than making assumptions, you wait and see.”

My response to Glen

My passion has nothing to do with your fanship of Wozniak or your writing. I have studied the death penalty since the 1970’s, as well as ethics and law. The murders of Sam and Julie are a death penalty case and the proceedings of the case have raised many legal and ethical issues. Your proposed book project is another legal issue in the case of many issues. My interests are not about you but about your ethics and how the law has put remedies in place for people who are hurt by your actions. You did say that you will “hurt some people.” Those people are the families of the victims.

As for my book... I am going to piss some people off, and hurt some people emotionally. My book will not be objective. My book will include Daniel’s story of the murders. - Glendele Way-Agle

You are correct in that the first Son of Sam law was repealed. A few months later, it was replaced by the second Son of Sam Law. Son of Sam II, as it is often called, restricts lawsuits to specific crimes and imposes a statute of limitations to 10 years after probation or parole is completed.

Since Dan is condemned for murder and he will never receive parole or probation, neither he nor anyone he designates may receive profits from his story until 10 years after he is dead. You have said that he is “only” telling you his story, so that suggests he has assigned his rights of his story to you. Under the law, he has no rights to sell his story.

I have not assumed anything as you said. I have said that “the way you present your book project” will put it in the scope of Son of Sam II. If your book project will differ from what you have presented, then maybe it will not be in the scope of the law.

You said that you are “sharing another side to this story.” As for my book, ... I am going to piss some people off, and hurt some people emotionally.” “My book will not be objective.” “My book will include Daniel’s story of the murders.” “Plenty of people will read it and call me (well…Daniel Wozniak) a total liar.” “Daniel Wozniak is only telling his story to me.”

How can people call Wozniak a liar if your book is not his story? If the only substance of your book is “Daniel’s story of the murders,” then your book is his story and neither he nor anyone he assigns may profit from his story. Since you said that Wozniak is “only” telling his story to you, then you have said that Wozniak has assigned any rights for his story to you. Wozniak is on death row, so he does not have any rights to his story to assign. Like I have said before, you should share that with a competent lawyer to learn what I just said.

Few people will care that the book is written by Glendele Way-Agle, or the Kool Aid color of your hair, your clothing, your poor dietary choices, your exercise desk, you getting disoriented in jail and San Quentin, or any other story about you in a book of “Daniel’s story.” You did not have a friendship with Wozniak before or during the during the time of the murders, you followed him several years after he was jailed, so you will not get an Ann Rule type of story.