Fan Blog For Hideous Murderer Daniel Wozniak

Glendele Way-Agle's Blog for Daniel Wozniak

Daniel Wozniak has a fan. Glendele Way-Agle writes a blog called, Daniel Wozniak Is My Friend. She says, “My friend is on death row – convicted of double homicide. This blog is about our relationship.” Glen was not friends with Daniel Wozniak until four years after his arrest for two brutal murders but Glen was acquainted with Dan through community theater work. Dan was convicted and sentenced to death for two brutal and grisly murders committed to get $50,000 in combat earnings from his first victim to pay for Dan’s honeymoon cruise with Rachel Buffett.

The brutality and greed of the murders is more than just “double homicide,” these are gruesome murders. Sam Herr was tricked and murdered for his hard-earned combat pay. Julie Kibuishi was murdered to cover-up Sam’s murder. Both victims were each shot in the head, twice. Sam was dismembered and his body parts tossed in a forest. Julie’s pants were ripped off to make it look like Sam had raped her. Glen defends their murderer as being worthy of some redemption.

Glen’s blog is mostly rambling stories about her befuddled thoughts, what she eats, and what she wears, rather than a discussion of any relationship she may have with Dan. Glen occasionally offers teasers of what Dan is saying about the murders and the involvement of his then lover and helper, Rachel Buffett. Glen uses some of Dan’s drawings on her blog that look a little disturbed.

Comments to Glendele’s blog

I have commented on Glen’s blog and other social media for a few years and she often blocks me for condemning her actions of writing sensationalist stories that offend the families and friends of the victims. Glen will wait two to three months to post comments and responses that are posted to her blog, so my responses see quite a delay.

One recent comment to Glen’s blog suggested I was behind this terrible fan blog that gives that disgusting heinous murderer a sounding board. Glen allowed the comment that named me as being part of her hideous blog to be posted and she delayed my response to deny association with her and her repugnant social media bullying against the victims of her “friend” and their families. I want to be certain that my name is not connected with that garbage. Here is the comment that implicates me.

FAN says:

August 9, 2018 at 12:13 pm

Hi, Lauren Tariel, failed artist looking to cash in on a murderer. I hope no one finds your information. >:)

FAN had me confused me with Glendele Way-Agle. I have told Glen how her how her support of grisly double-murderer Daniel Wozniak is hurtful to the families. She has said that she knows her book will hurt people and she is aware of that. It is bizarre that Glen would post a comment implicating me as being behind her blog and book project when she knows this is not true.

Interactions with Glendele

Glen is the woman behind the disturbing blog, Daniel Wozniak is My Friend, and all of the social media related to that under her moniker, @MurdererMusings. My social media efforts that counter Glen’s are on Opinion Jockey and on the Facebook page, Daniel Wozniak Double Murder Trial. That Facebook page of mine is now focused on the case against Wozniak’s former lover and helper, Rachel Buffett.

Regarding Glen’s information in that comment by FAN: I sent Glen a comment awhile back when she made a joke about hoping that Rachel does not know where she lives. I told Glen how public her information was and that she had two addresses and several phone numbers online. Both of her addresses showed the same vehicle. Glen deleted that comment.

Glen also deleted a comment I made about allowing one of her commenters, J.Sarah to troll everyone connected to the case and comments I made that federal and state law will not allow Dan to profit from his story or to assign someone else to profit from his story. That means, Glen will not be permitted to profit from telling Dan’s story in the way she has described she will tell it. If her book is about her own experiences, it will be quite dull. If the book is about Dan’s life, then she may sell it. If the book’s main purpose is Dan’s view of the murders, then families of the victims may sue Glen for the book proceeds.

The comment to me was on a page where I have not made a post but there is a comment from a Lauren on that page from a year ago who is not me. That comment concerned Glen’s anonymity. I would not antagonize Glen about her identity since about a half dozen people told me who she was a few years ago. She and her friend Matthew Wayne Selznick were also public for awhile about their co-collaboration on Glen’s fan site for Daniel Wozniak. As I mentioned, Glen has public information and she also has a pseudo-celebrity artist husband, Josh Agle who calls himself Shag.

Why I speak out against Glendele’s blog

I have followed the several years long prosecution for the brutal murders of two innocent people. I am watching Glen’s bullying against the families of the victims unfold and I speak out against her bullying. I also, like many people, believe that Rachel Buffett helped to plan and organize the murders and is now getting away with murder.

I have warned Glen that under federal and state law Daniel Wozniak may not profit from his story about the murders and Daniel Wozniak may NOT assign a person to profit from his story. This means that any profit Glen receives from any book sales will be put in a trust account that the families of the victims may sue. Glen deleted my last comment about the law.

I hope people will understand more about Glen’s blog and why I write about it.